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Meet Spirit Radical

G’day! We are Brendon and Christine, twin flames, and an Australian and American husband-and-wife team with a passion for helping people connect with their hearts and souls. We love to give intuitive readings and energy healings. We’re here to share with you everything we’ve learned from Spirit!

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radical reviews

“These two are SO gifted, it’s unreal. As a practitioner myself, they are the ONLY ones I trust for psychic readings, reiki healing, and general energy healing. Their combined medicine is SO powerful, transformative, and soothing. The delicate and deliberate care they take to hold space and offer true healing is unmatched. If you need guidance or authentic and genuine transformation, this team is the answer to your prayers. I thank them both endlessly!”

Zoey S.

“I had an intuitive reading with these two wise and beautiful souls and it was amazing. I felt so much compassion and encouragement from them both. They set the space and held the energy like a womb as spirit spoke through them. I received exactly what I needed to hear and feel to know how to move forward with the questions I brought. If you are needing guidance and straight forward answers then look no further! So grateful for these two! Thank you!”

Carrie H.

“I really enjoyed the energy these two bring to the table. It felt like a constant flow of energy having them both work on me simultaneously increasing my healing energy. Normally it takes a few back to back sessions to get some results for me but I am happy to say that after my first appointment with them I found a great improvement with my back pain and the flow of my positive energy. I would definitely recommend them to someone trying to take an holistic approach to feeling better.”

Shanna N.

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