The One Mistake Every Empath Makes

Why Every Empath Needs Good Energy Hygiene

I’ve always been an empath, but when I consciously embarked on my spiritual journey many moons ago, I noticed that my sensitivities to the subtle energies around me refined as well. I was sensing the emotions of others and myself more regularly and precisely. I was excited that my abilities and intuition were growing, but I had no idea how to control them. So, I kept opening my energy field, walking around life like an open book. This often left me feeling drained and negative for no obvious reason.

I was basically an energetic magnet soaking up everyone’s energy around me. That’s when I realized I had been making a huge mistake. I didn’t have strong boundaries.

The #1 Mistake Every Empath Makes

Sensitive souls, I’m speaking to you. At some point, if not now, you have also leaked your energy and taken on other people’s “stuff.” This is detrimental for an empath. The reason why this leaves you feeling drained is because fragments of your energy get left behind in other times, places and dimensions. That leaves you with a lot less energy to use for living life now. It’s time to have clear, healthy boundaries.

It took me years of self-realization and practice to learn how to manage my energy in a way that was still sensitive, but not so easily receptive to the outside world. You can absolutely do the same.

How Empaths can Manage Their Energy Like a Pro

These tips will help you to live life as a strong, empowered empath.

Do and Say What You Mean

Society raises us to be polite over anything else — at the cost of your own authenticity. This is especially true for women who have been trained to ‘be nice.’ We have been programmed to worry about hurting other people’s feelings if we refuse their invitation or say “no.” Admittedly, this takes courage, but you will feel much stronger and empowered for doing so. Examples include:

  • Telling someone whom you don’t particularly care for that you’ll keep in touch, do lunch sometime, that you’re happy to see them, or anything else that is incongruent with your truth. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to be unkind to the person. It means that you don’t say anything that will leave the door energetically open, so to speak. I absolutely love this video of the Hindu priest, Dandapani because he explains how to do this extremely well (starts at around the 21-minute mark).
  • Breaking up with someone when you’re not fully ready to let them go. Until you close this door inside of your heart, you’ll continue to leave energetic cords connecting you to him or her.
  • Attending an event or doing a task that you don’t really want to do. We’ve all attended parties we didn’t really feel like going to or agreeing to bake those cookies when you were way too busy. If you’re over-extending yourself, then you’re putting someone else before your own well-being. Before someone asks you to do something or for a favor, always give yourself space to check-in with yourself first. Don’t feel pressured to give them an answer right away; tell them that you’ll get back to them when you’ve made your decision.
  • Lending money or giving a gift out of guilt or a sense of obligation. Giving when you don’t sincerely want to gives not just the giver, but also the receiver kooky energy. The receiver can absolutely sense this on at least a subconscious level, if not consciously. If you’re not giving from the heart, just don’t do it.
  • Staying in a relationship, career, or city that you don’t want to be in. Staying might give you the illusion of security, but you pay a high price in energetic and emotional terms.
  • Not speaking up when you feel the impulse. You know the feeling: someone says something to you that doesn’t feel right and your heart starts pounding. You know you should say something, but you don’t. This is a sure-fire way of giving your power away and feeling resentful.

Fully Commit to Your Decisions

I’m guilty of this. I’ll make a decision and then question it the very next day. This leaves me in limbo with one foot in both options and not fully anywhere. This is very draining and your heart never feels at peace. It’s also not a very grounded way to move forward in life.  In other words, my friends, don’t half-ass your choices. If you’re feeling indecisive about something, perhaps the best choice you can make is not deciding right now.

Don’t Take Responsibility for Someone Else’s Reactions

This is a big one. When someone has a strong reaction to something you say or do, or you sense someone is having a bad day that is totally unrelated to you, do not take it on. I repeat, it is not your garbage. Now, it doesn’t mean that you don’t take responsibility for your actions if you said or did something unkind; but it does mean that you recognize that the way the person is behaving is their own choice. You have a choice to take it personal or not — I suggest the latter.

Empaths have to be especially careful to not take on the emotions of others in public places. If you suddenly start to feel negativity and there was no triggering event, ask yourself, “Is this mine?” If it’s not yours, it will immediately dissipate. I then like to repeat the mantra: What’s mine is mine; what’s not is not.

Stay in the Present Moment

Stop looking in the past and mulling over all of the things you wish you did or didn’t do. Conversely, stop projecting your energy to future possible outcomes. All of these things pull you from the present moment and rob you from having all of your energy in the here and now. This severely weakens your ability to manifest.

A Meditation for Empaths

Here’s a meditation you can do every night before you go to bed that will allow you to close any energetic doors you have opened throughout the day. Don’t worry; closing doors doesn’t mean that you’re preventing new opportunities from coming in or that you’re quitting things that have already started. It simply means that you’re pulling the energy you’ve left behind back to yourself so that you have all it in the present moment.

Photo by Cristian Newman
  1. Get your body in a comfortable position and take several deep belly breaths through your nose and out of from your mouth. Do this until you feel your body and mind relaxing and releasing tension.
  2. Mentally affirm to yourself that you are now calling all of your energy back from the places and dimensions where you left them behind.
  3. Visualize all the energetic doors that you had opened throughout the day. See, sense or feel the energy left behind each door. The doors can represent many things: things you agreed to do, unfinished business, decisions you’re considering, conversations that are still lingering, issues that need to be resolved, etc. You don’t need to know what each door means. Simply trust that everything you need is being shown.
  4. Imagine cords of light attached from your body connecting you through those doors. The energy that you left behind is attached at the end of each cord through the doors.
  5. Sense, feel, imagine or visualize fragments of energy leaving the doors and coming back through the cords of light, like a retractable leash. It might feel like your body is magnetically pulling them back to yourself. Notice all the places where the energy returns to your body — this is where you were leaking energy.
  6. If you are having trouble feeling the energy coming back, or you feel it’s not complete, you can take your hands about 12″ inches away from your eyes, with your palms facing them. Slowly bring them to your eyes and feel the energy pulling back in through your eyes.
  7. Now, imagine all of the doors closing now.
  8. Affirm the following: “I close all doors I energetically opened. I am whole and complete.”

Voila! You are one empowered empath!

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Christine is an intuitive empath, clairsentient, indigo adult, Reiki Master, EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner and all-around free spirit. She has traveled to nearly 35 countries exploring different ways of life and developing her spirituality. She specializes in giving energy healing sessions and intuitive readings for people and pets.


Christine is an intuitive empath, clairsentient, indigo adult, Reiki Master, EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner and all-around free spirit. She has traveled to nearly 35 countries exploring different ways of life and developing her spirituality. She specializes in giving energy healing sessions and intuitive readings for people and pets.