About Us

Spirit Radical is lovingly run by Brendon and Christine. We write about the subtle energies — emotions, intuition and spirituality — to help people have more mastery in their lives. We also offer energy healing and readings for people and pets all over the world.

People say we are a Spirit Dream Team.

There is no dogma or creed here. All are welcome. Just bring your authenticity and vulnerability.

Are you: A unique free-spirit or spiritual seeker? An empath or Indigo Child who is now a conscious adult? Wanting to become more intuitive and live a more meaningful life? Looking for your spirit tribe so you don’t feel so alone or different?

You’ve come to the right place! Our goal is to provide a safe space for the sensitive and empathic to be themselves and to connect with like-hearted souls. You’ll always get good vibes here!


Some Highlights:

Became a palm and tarot reader

Blessed by a Buddhist monk in Cambodia

Studied mediumship and healed with John of God in Brazil

Became a Reiki Master and EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner

Worked in the internationally acclaimed spiritual community, Findhorn Foundation


Hola! I’m Christine, a clairsentient, and intuitive empath. I’ve dedicated my life to exploring the healing arts and spirituality.

As a highly sensitive person, I have battled severe depression and anxiety throughout my life. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve come dangerously close to suicide a few times.

And yet, I’ve pulled myself out of it every…single…time.

How? By re-connecting with Spirit — my spirit.

You see, I’ve ALWAYS had spiritual gifts. And so have you. It’s simply a question of when they were shut down. It’s so obvious to me now that I was an Indigo Child. This led me to feel and question everything around me on an extreme level.

I could feel other’s true feelings despite what they said. I had prophetic dreams. Sometimes, I just “knew” things that ended up coming true. I also had a fanatical attraction to all things metaphysical.

But, I repressed these gifts because I didn’t understand them and they often left me feeling confused and in emotional pain. I just thought I was weird and BAD because I felt so different from everyone around me.

I spent my entire adult life with a deep hunger to understand myself. So, I took pilgrimages around the world, lived in spiritual communities, meditated, trained in energy healing modalities, and studied with some of the most profound healers in the world. My intuitive abilities heightened to a level that I can now help myself and others.

This journey took me from being an Indigo Child into a conscious adult. But, the greatest gift this gave me was to accept and love myself. I now see my sensitivity as a gift, not a curse.

Now, I know I’m weird and GOOD.


My Favorite Moments:

Became a Reiki Master

Meditated with Buddhist monks

Being able to consciously see spirits again

Channeled healing messages in group settings as a medium

Took three long-term trips to Brazil for healing and to study mediumship with John of God


Hi, I’m Brendon! My spiritual journey started in my home country of Australia. I first saw a spirit when I was 7-years old, but that scared me. I never told anyone because I thought no one would believe me. So, I turned that gift off, but it always stayed in the back of my mind.

Many years later, a relative showed me a picture of my great-grandfather who I had never met, but looked exactly like the spirit I saw.

This blew me away!

Soon after, I went to a psychic. She said things about me that no one else knew, and confirmed that the spirit I saw when I was a little boy was, in fact, my great-grandfather! She said the spirit was there to help me, not hurt me.

That transformed the experience from a scary one to a comforting one.

This sparked my curiosity even more for spirituality and motivated me to understand myself better. This led me on a journey of deep meditations, healings and developing my psychic abilities, including automatic writing, mediumship, trance channeling and remote viewing. I try to meditate every day, but I’ve learned to take a more relaxed approach to spirituality.

I make every effort to tune in to my true emotions and needs in each moment — even if that means eating a bucket of fried chicken!

I want to help empower people to deeply listen to their true needs and act from that space of authenticity — even if it defies logic.

The most healing thing I’ve ever done was to take full responsibility for my reactions and feelings — and knowing that everything happening in my life is my own creation.

That is where I found my greatest liberation.