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Rose Healing Ceremony

Event Details

This event finished on 12 October 2018

  • Venue: Center for Remembering and Sharing

Cost: $40 + a dozen roses

Venue: Center for Remembering & Sharing, 123 4th Ave #2, New York, NY 10003

Delivered straight from the patron saint of Mexico, Virgen de la Guadalupe, a Rose Healing Ceremony uses the power of roses by placing them delicately on the body to raise its energetic state to the highest frequency. In fact, roses have the highest vibration on the planet — pulsating up to 320 MHz! Considering a healthy body pulsates at 62 to 78 MHz units, this is a megadose of high vibrational love! The ceremony delivers divine feminine energy and unconditional love to the body, mind, and soul. This class is great for individuals and couples alike!

As the story goes, this healing modality was channeled by a man in Mexico who was grieving the imminent loss of his son to a terminal illness. After persistent prayers to the patron saint, he was guided to hold single roses above the boy’s body. They each swung wildly, signaling to the man that he should lay them there. Upon waking the next morning, he saw his son playing in the room and completely healed, while the roses were on the ground shriveled up. They appeared to soak up the illness and negative energy throughout the night!

In this class, you will learn how to give a Rose Healing Ceremony as well as receive one. Everyone will receive healing on all levels, but this class is especially recommended for those who:

  • Need nurturing
  • Are healing from heartbreak or grief
  • Struggle with anxiety and depression
  • Need to open and heal their heart chakra
  • Have a hard time connecting with their emotions
  • Need to connect with their femininity and have more softness in their lives
  • Want to attract a relationship or want to have more love in their relationship
  • Are very action-oriented and need to practice being in more of a state of receptivity


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