How to Heal Yourself With the Power of Roses

Move over crystals! Roses are the ultimate healer.

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Brendon and I were first introduced to the healing power of roses by a shaman who taught us how to do the incredible Rose Healing Ceremony. After a few minutes working with the roses, we both melted into a puddle of calm and unconditional love. It was as if Mother Earth was wrapping us in a blanket of safety. When we went home later that day, we placed our roses on our nightstand as the shaman instructed us to do. We returned to the bedroom 30 minutes later and the energy of the room had also completely transformed. We became believers of their magic!

The beloved rose is capable of MUCH more than surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day! Having outlived nearly every other flower (rose fossils have been found that date back 30 million years!), the mighty rose has the highest vibration of all the plants on Earth. Use it to your advantage to raise your vibration and heal imbalances in your mind, body, heart and soul.

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Why Roses Have One of the Highest Vibrations on the Planet

Since roses have lived for such a long time, they’ve had to adapt to extreme weather conditions (read: Ice Age, droughts, fires, etc.). Their oils retain a strong stamp of resilience. As a result, rose bushes can be found along the equator and freezing conditions in Northern Russia. Even though pop culture portrays roses as delicate and frail, they’re actually a super hardy plant!

In fact, their frequency has been measured by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheney, Washington. He developed new equipment to measure the frequency of humans and foods. Measuring in megahertz, it was found that:

Chart measuring the vibrational frequency between humans and food. Fresh roses are at the top measuring 320MHz!

As you can see, roses give a megadose of high vibrational love!

How Roses Can Help You With Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Issues

While alternative healing modalities (such as Rose Healing) aren’t intended to be a replacement for your regular medical care, it can be a powerful ally in your wellbeing (please don’t stop taking your medication, folks!). Below are some ways they can help you.

Physical Healing

Last night, Brendon and I gave my mom a Rose Healing Ceremony. She had been suffering from a knee injury for over a year now. As we placed the roses on her body and performed the energy healing, we all felt a weird, energetic corkscrew coming out of her knee. When the ceremony was over, her pain was gone!

The origin of the Rose Healing Ceremony came from a man in Mexico who healed his son from a terminal illness using roses. The miracle spread around his small town and is now practiced in shamanic circles around the country.

Here are some ways you can use roses for the body:

  • Organic rose extract can be ingested as it is one of the best natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins. This is different from rose essential oil, and is up to 100x more potent than rose water! Rose Nectar is the only place we found that sources non-GMO organic roses from Bulgaria in its rose extract formula.
  • Roses can be placed on patients in a hospital, even if they’re in a coma.
  • If you suffer from PTSD, use roses in conjunction with your medication to support yourself in difficult times. Roses foster hardiness, resilience and endurance in the face of sudden change—characteristics that virtually all roses display after being pruned.
  • Roses are excellent for supporting those about to cross over AND their loved ones. They bring peace and closure leaving nothing left unsaid or undone.
Pouring Rose Nectar in DrinkYou can put Rose Nectar in your drink to reap all of its health benefits!

Emotional Healing

Here are some ways roses can help your heart:

  • Rose healing is perfect to do after a breakup or divorce! It eases heartbreak and grief.
  • If you struggle with depression or anxiety, use roses to help you feel safe and nurtured.
  • Roses support and protect you from emotional pain and trauma.
  • Roses help you to connect with your emotions.
  • If you struggle with intimacy, you’ll want to work with roses.
  • If you’re in a relationship, roses can bring you and your partner together. If you’ve been arguing a lot lately, they’ll help you get to the “heart” of the relationship.
  • If you’ve been single for awhile, roses will help you to receive human touch and connection again, thus reducing frigidity. It can help you to manifest a new relationship!
  • Restores the will to live.

Spiritual Healing

Below are some ways roses can help with your spiritual healing and development:

  • Roses evoke the Divine Feminine qualities: receptivity, wildness, creativity, empathy, sensitivity, compassion, tolerance, and nurturance.
  • Roses help women to feel at peace with their womanhood and femininity. The collective consciousness around womanhood is filled with shame and guilt as a result of centuries of patriarchy. Roses can help you to unhook from the mass consciousness and connect with your own definition of what womanhood means to you!
  • Roses are the flower of Virgen de le Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. She is also known as the Virgin Mary. You may connect with her through the roses in an even deeper way.
  • Roses are deeply connected to the heart chakra. Use them to connect with your truth and essence.
How to Heal Yourself With The Power Of Roses (Featured Image)Roses are excellent for healing a broken heart.

How to Use Roses to Heal Yourself

Although a Rose Healing Ceremony is done with a partner, you can easily incorporate roses into your self-care ritual. If you’d like to learn how to give a Rose Healing Ceremony and go deeper on how to use roses on yourself, check out our class, Rose Above.

01 Purchase a Dozen Roses

Every color possesses a unique frequency—your subconscious will know exactly which one you need for healing. Before selecting your roses, take a deep breath and allow your body to relax and your heart to open. Then, notice which roses are calling you, whether it’s through a feeling or you’re simply attracted to a certain color. Try not to think about it beforehand or get attached to your usual favorite colors—it might surprise you which color you need! If your roses consist of several colors, it simply means that you’re healing multiple issues.

We’ve created a FREE guide describing what each colored rose means. Download it below!

Colored Roses and Their Meanings Freebie
Red, green, yellow, blue…which colored roses are right for you? Download the FREE Color Guide to find out!

Once you’ve selected your color(s), reflect on which of their qualities you’d like to develop.

02 Set an Intention

Get clear on what you want to heal or develop within yourself. This will program the roses to help you. Ask them to please assist with your intentions. You may want to write this in your journal or speak it aloud.

03 Open the Ritual

Any number of tools can be used to open your sacred space: anointing your body with rose essential oil, lighting reiki-infused candles or incense, smudging with sacred herbs, playing a tingsha (Tibetan cymbals) or crystal singing bowl, and/or playing meditation music. This helps your mind know that it’s time to go within.

04 Place the Roses on Your Body

Take each rose individually and dangle it above your body. Ask it to go to the area that needs the most help. This can manifest as a subtle magnetic pull or an intuitive knowing. Then, place your rose there. Continue this process until all of the roses have been placed on your body. Feel their gentle, yet profound essence work on your aura and body. Stay with the roses until you feel complete. Then, you can pick them up with gratitude for their service.

What issues would you like roses to help you with? Let us know how you felt after working with roses in the comments below!

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Christine is an intuitive empath, clairsentient, indigo adult, Reiki Master, EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner and all-around free spirit. She has traveled to nearly 35 countries exploring different ways of life and developing her spirituality. She specializes in giving energy healing sessions and intuitive readings for people and pets.


Christine is an intuitive empath, clairsentient, indigo adult, Reiki Master, EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner and all-around free spirit. She has traveled to nearly 35 countries exploring different ways of life and developing her spirituality. She specializes in giving energy healing sessions and intuitive readings for people and pets.

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