“These two are SO gifted, it’s unreal. As a practitioner myself, they are the ONLY ones I trust for psychic readings, reiki healing, and general energy healing. Their combined medicine is SO powerful, transformative, and soothing. The delicate and deliberate care they take to hold space and offer true healing is unmatched. If you need guidance or authentic and genuine transformation, this team is the answer to your prayers. I thank them both endlessly!”

Zoey S., Merhipsy Healing

Intuitive Reading + Spiritual Guidance

“I booked an appointment with Christine and Brendon for Pet Reiki. Now, I personally have never had Reiki performed on me, but I have always wanted to try it. When I saw that they did pets, I thought, what the heck? Let’s give it a shot! Lucy is a handful. She is the most loving dogs, but she is 70 pounds of ANXIETY and non-stop play. She has allergies and licks herself incessantly. When we arrived for the appointment, Lucy was so hyper and nervous being in a new place. They were so patient! They performed the Reiki on ME, first to get me centered, and Lucy jumped UP onto the massage table and wanted to lay on me the whole time. It was not comfortable.

But after the session began, Lucy started to calm down. I sent the calming energy to her as I was receiving it. She finally jumped down and laid next to me on the floor. As I sent her the calming energy, her breathing returned to normal, IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE, SHE WAS GETTING THE VIBE! They had great insights as to what was going on with Lucy. I have to say, after the session, she was just Calmer!! A lot of what I learned through their intuition are things that make sense. She is a rescue and has some baggage, and I need to work on some things too. I loved this experience, they were AMAZING!!!”

Bridgett P.

Pet Reiki

“I had a great time with Spirit Radical during my Reiki session. As a beginner in meditation, I was glad that they could make me feel relaxed and calm from the start to enjoy the complete session. Both are an incredible source of inspiration by sharing openly their experience and knowledge with a smile, making the session enjoyable with a real benefit. I strongly recommend Spirit Radical for any spiritual guidance and advice. Great job guys!”

Sylvie D.

Distance Session: 60-Minute Combo Session

“Spirit Radical is the best!!! Brendon & Christine are two of the kindest best people you could ever meet! During my session with them, I was able to get some much needed clarity and relief. Matter of fact, Christine’s Reiki allowed me to release what we all later agreed was an energy ball of anger that I had stored deeply within. I chose to have Reiki and an intuitive card reading performed on me and it was rather incredible! They were both very professional, very kind/gentle, and explained thoroughly the process and answered any questions I had. The environment was very relaxing and their meditation prior to the Reiki allowed me to move into a place of calm and stillness.

What I appreciated the most was the professionalism and safe space they created for me to speak aloud some of my past traumas that I was intending to release energetically with the Reiki. Brendon is quite the intuitive and we had quite an incredible talk near the end of our session that truly opened my head and my heart to the traumas that I was looking to heal. These people are down to earth, create a safe & comfortable space, and are absolutely amazing for the services that they provide! I would recommend Spirit Radical to anybody I know! If you are looking for a Reiki session or Intuitive Card reading…look no further! Thank you, Brendon & Christine! Oh and even better….the week after my session I felt AMAZING! I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders and light on my feet. Since that session, I have felt a shift in my life and truly believe they played an immense role in that! Take my word for it…these 2 are great at what they do! Book a session with them and you will not regret it!!!”

Mike W.

Reiki + Energy Healing

“Not long ago, I had the pleasure of working with Christine for a distance energy healing session. I had been through a particularly traumatic period of time in my life which had sunk me into a state of anxiety and depression. These emotions had also manifested in insomnia, panic attacks and lower back pain from the stress. I had exhausted myself visiting doctors and trying several different healing modalities to ameliorate the problem.

I finally gave Christine a call and asked her to work with me, and we did an energy healing session over the phone. Her soothing nature and natural gift for healing were apparent the moment I started speaking with her. She put me at ease and then commenced to treat me as I listened to the call. Within a few minutes, I felt a sense of peace and calm. By the end of the call, I was relaxed and comfortable, which is something I had not felt in months. My back ache had noticeably diminished and that night was the first full night of sleep I had had in months. Over the course of the next few months after our session, I continued to shed what felt like layers of anxiety and sadness. Her treatment gave me a sense of clarity and the boost I needed to get back on my feet after so much loss. I felt recalibrated. I highly recommend Christine without hesitation. Her innate talent for energy healing and her intuitive nature are a gift that everyone should be privy to. I will continue to work with her as needed in the future.”

Morayma M.

Distance Session: Energy Healing

“I really enjoyed the energy these two bring to the table. It felt like a constant flow of energy having them both work on me simultaneously increasing my healing energy. Normally it takes a few back to back sessions to get some results for me but I am happy to say that after my first appointment with them I found a great improvement with my back pain and the flow of my positive energy. I would definitely recommend them to someone trying to take a holistic approach to feeling better.”

Shanna N.

Reiki + Energy Healing

“I had a session via skype with Brendon and Christine. It was my first time having a session with a medium. I feel like their revelations were accurate and they intuitively knew things about me and my past relationship without me telling them. They gave me direction and helped clear up questions about my life. I will definitely do another session with them in the future.”

Tyler P.

Distance Session: Intuitive Reading + Spiritual Guidance

“I had an intuitive session with these two wise and beautiful souls and it was amazing. I felt so much compassion and encouragement from them both. They set the space and held the energy like a womb as spirit spoke through them. I received exactly what I needed to hear and feel to know how to move forward with the questions I brought. If you are needing guidance and straight forward answers then look no further! So grateful for these two! Thank you!”

Carrie H.

Distance Session: Intuitive Reading + Spiritual Guidance

“Christine and Brendon were so lovely to meet ! My Reiki session started with guided imagery which allowed me to feel safe and relaxed. I normally fidget on the table, but while experiencing my Reiki session, I just melted into the table! After my Reiki session, Christine and Brendon gave me a personal intuitive reading that was very helpful and I left the session not only feeling great, but feeling great about myself and my future!!”

Christine T.

60-Minute Combo Session