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All sessions are conducted by both Christine and Brendon. We find that the healing is even stronger this way, and will provide you with extra support in half the time of a session with just one practitioner. Perfect for those with busy lives!

Sessions are held online (Skype/Facetime) or over the phone.

Intuitive Reading

45 Minutes $107 | 30 Minutes $89 | 15 Minutes $53.00

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Forget timelines and predictions. Psychic readings can disempower you from creating your own reality. Instead, our Intuitive Readings uncover the energy behind your questions so that you can take control of your life and move forward in a way that is meaningful to you. If something keeps happening in your life and you don’t understand why (or how to change it), an Intuitive Reading is a powerful antidote. We take an energetic snapshot of where you currently are, and what brought you here, to help you understand how you can move forward in a more purposeful way. We act as conduits between you and your Higher Self to deliver the messages you need to hear to nourish and soothe your soul on the deepest level. We use angel cards and channel messages directly from Spirit to guide you to the truth within yourself. An Intuitive Reading will leave you empowered and comforted in taking the best next steps in your life.

Pet + Animal Reiki

45 Minutes $107

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Animals are naturally receptive to energy healing and some say that cats invented Reiki! Pet Reiki is a non-invasive and gentle healing that is done with both you and your pet. Just like regular Reiki, we will gently place our hands on or above you or your pet to channel the healing energy to the places they need it most. Once connected, we easily receive messages that your pet would like to share with you to help you understand their needs better. Sessions can help heal illnesses and allergies, ease the aging process, soothe emotional and behavioral issues, relax nervousness, and prepare a pet patient for pre- and post-surgery for faster healing. Pet Reiki is perfect for rescue pets with a history of abuse/trauma and to facilitate the transition for terminally ill animals. If your pet is skittish around strangers, too anxious to transport or too hyper to sit still, we offer distance sessions which are equally potent. Side effects may include bonding, reduced stress and a more confident, healthier pet!

Reiki + Energy Healing

60 Minutes $134.00 | 45 Minutes $107 | 30 Minutes $89

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Consider this your soothing soul balm. Reiki is a cornerstone of energy healing that was perfected in Japan in the 1800’s. Universal energy is channeled by means of gentle touch to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. While you rest on the massage table, we will gently place our hands above the areas of your body that are blocked and are calling for more light. While each healing is as special and unique as the individual, we complement the session with other techniques, including trance healing, chakra balancing, aura clearing and psychic surgery. People tend to leave sessions feeling calm, balanced, lighter and full of love. From this aligned state, it is infinitely easier to manifest the life you really want. Feeling ungrounded or emotionally out of whack? This is the healing for you!

Rose Healing Ceremony

60 Minutes $134

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Delivered straight from the patron saint of Mexico, Virgin de la Guadalupe, this pure love frequency uses the power of roses as a pendulum and placed delicately on the body to raise its energetic state to the highest vibration. In fact, roses have the highest vibration on the planet — pulsating up to 320 MHz! Considering a healthy body pulsates at 62 to 78 MHz units of frequency, this is a megadose of high vibrational love!

As the story goes, this healing modality was channeled by a man in Mexico who was grieving the imminent loss of his son to a terminal illness. After persistent prayers to the patron saint, he was guided to hold single roses above the boy’s body. They each swung wildly, signaling to the man that he should lay them there. Upon waking the next morning, he saw his son playing in the room and completely healed, while the roses were on the ground shriveled up. They appeared to soak up the illness and negative energy throughout the night!

A real heart opener, this session is highly recommended for those who need nurturing, struggle with depression, have a hard time connecting with their emotions or are healing from heartbreak or grief. We especially recommend it for those who need support in crossing over as it can help bring peace and closure to them and their loved ones before the transition. Sessions at a hospital, hospice or home can be arranged for this reason. Otherwise, this session is conducted in our Brooklyn office (distance sessions are not available).

Combination Sessions

60 Minutes $134 | 45 Minutes $107

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Reiki and an Intuitive Reading are combined in your choice of a 45- or 60-minute session. We first tune into your questions to provide guidance from Spirit to help you move forward in life and set the intention for your energy healing. Then, universal energy is channeled by means of gentle touch to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. These two services complement each other very well and it might very well be the best minutes of your day!

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60 Minutes

Eight $ 998
Six $ 755
Four $ 512
Three $ 386

45 Minutes

Eight $ 782
Six $ 593
Four $ 404
Three $ 305

30 Minutes

Eight $ 638
Six $ 485
Four $ 332
Three $ 251

15 Minutes

Eight $ 350
Six $ 269
Four $ 188
Three $ 143

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