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Rose Above

The first and only online Rose Healing certification training for emotional transformation from depression, heartache, and loneliness to happiness, love, health, and wealth. Our signature class!

  • 25 video tutorials to help you step-by-step
  • Learn how to give + receive a Rose Healing
  • The science + spirituality behind the power of roses
  • Opening and closing a Rose Healing Ceremony
  • 6 printables: journal prompts, cheat sheets, prayers, etc.
  • Certification of completion to attract more clients to your business!

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Supercharge Your Space

The Ultimate 16-Step Space Clearing Checklist + BONUS Feng Shui Guide to transform your home, car, and workplace. This is the exact process we used when we performed professional space clearings for clients in New York City for hundreds of dollars!

  • How to do the clearing in the proper order
  • How to seal the changes to cement the positive changes
  • Powerful energizing techniques to supercharge your space
  • Powerful visualizations to protect your space from any harmful energies
  • Exclusive energy healing technique to fortify the walls of your space
  • BONUS Feng Shui Guide!

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Feel Goods

Photo of a bottle of Rose Nectar

Rose Nectar

This is the best way to get the full health benefits of roses internally and for your skin.


Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

We love Rocky Mountain because they source their essential oils from small farms in a sustainable way and don’t use any adulterants.


Amethyst Aromatherapy Body Oil

Skin-softening oils contains genuine amethyst to promote mindfulness and transformation.


Talisman Essential Oil Perfume

Indulge in its warm spicy scent and ward off any bad vibes.


Palo Santo Room Spray

This “Holy Wood” is said to ward off bad energy, aid in healing, calm the body and mind, and bring good fortune.


Cedar, White, and Blue Sage

Ethically wildcrafted and used for cleansing, purification and protection.


Sandalwood Meditation Mala

108 fragrant beads plus an additional guru bead, this piece is perfect for counting or reciting a chosen mantra.


Tibetan Singing Bowl 8-Inch

Producing lovely vibrating sounds when played, singing bowls have long been used for healing.


Chenille Zafu Cushion

Fuzzy exterior and an inspirational message embroidered on its handle, this zafu cushion is ideal for meditation and yoga.


Erongo Mountain Fluorite

Inspires you to take action towards creating the life you want.


Spirit Quartz Crystal

When your spirit is feeling dim, connect with a Spirit Quartz Cluster.


Copper Charging Pyramid

Copper pyramids recharge anything you place in it, including your jewelry, phone and crystals.

Tools for Soulpreneurs


Acuity Scheduling

We use an online scheduling system to save us a bunch of time.



We use ConvertKit for their amazing email marketing services.



We host all of our courses here and it’s been a godsend!


Blog By Number

Learn how to start a blog & turn it into a profitable business!


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Drive TONS of traffic from Pinterest to your website.



We use this super fast and secure web hosting.



What we used to buy our domain name and start our website.


GripTight GorillaPod

This is an awesome portable tripod that we use.


Neewar Ring Light Kit

This light gives our videos a professional look.


FIFINE USB Microphone

This is the mic we use to make all of our recordings.



This allows us to easily create a lot of our beautiful graphics.


Logitech Pro Stream Webcam

This is the webcam we use to record high quality videos.

Spiritual Reads


Hands of Light

Anyone interested in understanding the energetic body should read this.


Ask and it is Given

One of our favorite books about the law of attraction.


Many Lives, Many Masters

The seminal book on past lives.


Outrageous Openness

Fantastic book on learning how to surrender to life and allow grace.


You Can Heal Your Life

Classic book on healing your heart, mind, body and soul.


The Power of Now

How to be fully present in life.


The Third Eye

A monk’s life in Tibet as he learns astral projection, crystal gazing, aura deciphering, meditation and so much more.


Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Spirit’s perspective regarding ancient spiritual practices and what is possible.


The Least You Should Know About Life

A down-to-earth and practical approach to the mystical side of life.


Way of the Peaceful Warrior

If you like fiction with great meaning, symbology and depth, you’ll love this spiritual book.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links (to and other affiliates), meaning that if you decide to make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, We will earn a small commission. That being said, everything we recommend on this page is because we use it now, or have used it previously, and recommend it. Thank you!